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"The Dark Guide" is more than just a short film: it is a captivating experience that delves deep into the healing journey of its protagonist, facing PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). With profound artistic sensitivity, this short film explores his most painful wounds and transforms each trial into a vibrant source of resilience. Accompanied by a mysterious force, symbolized by the powerful "Dark Guide," this character discovers the courage to rise up and give meaning to his life again.


Prepare to dive into the emotional cinematic intimacy of the film "The Dark Guide," a work that reveals the infinite capacity of the human being to transcend the sufferings of the past and find light in the darkness. Through this poignant story, be ready to be deeply moved, inspired, and guided towards your own path of healing.


Come and discover "The Dark Guide," a captivating journey towards resilience that will touch your heart and accompany you well beyond the screen.


"Cedric Hémon, a soldier wounded in combat, became his own therapist through an unexpected revelation through art. This outcome and the inspiring journey that followed gave birth to what he calls The Art of Resilience."

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