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Credit photo : Florence MÉNAGER



With more than ten years of intensive practice behind me, my career in the artistic world is marked by bravery and resilience, born from a psychic wound that I suffered while serving in the army. Painting has become a form of personal therapy for me, an outlet for my feelings, and a means of expressing otherwise inexpressible realities.

Following my service in the army, I inaugurated my own studio in France, a setting not only to paint, but also to exhibit my works. Each canvas, whether soothing landscapes or striking portraits, is imbued with a piece of my soul, a window into my experiences and perceptions.

I am also an art therapy practitioner, a role that allows me to extend the positive impact of art beyond my own experience. I run Resilience Art Workshops, where I help those going through their own struggles towards means of expression and understanding through art. My journey has taught me that a wound can turn into beauty and that art can be a bridge to clarity.

Artistic approach: ​


As an artist, I have always viewed my work as a profound expression of human resilience. Each canvas, each sculpture, each photograph embodies this central idea that, despite obstacles and difficulties, we have the incredible ability to persevere and transform our experiences into something beautiful.

My artistic approach is essentially based on two main pillars: resilience and transformation. It is through these two themes that the full depth of my artistic vision manifests itself. I am fascinated by how humanity, both individually and collectively, navigates through ever-changing adversity and transforms these challenges into opportunities for growth and change. For me, art is a way to visually capture this resilience.

The colors, shapes and textures that I use in my works are all testimonies of these constant transformations that each individual goes through to different degrees. My goal is to give a visual voice to these changes, sparking conversations about how we adapt and evolve through the trials of life. Another cornerstone of my artistic approach is sharing. As an artist, I feel the imperative to share these visions of resilience and transformation with the world. For me, sharing is a form of healing. It can help create a sense of connection and empathy between all of us, emphasizing that we are not alone in our struggles.

My artistic approach also includes an interactive dimension. I strongly believe that art is a shared experience, in the sense that the artist creates a work, but it is the viewer who gives it meaning based on their own experiences and emotions. Encouraging this enriching dialogue helps create a sense of community around our individual and shared resilience.

In the end, my artistic work is not just about creating beautiful works. It is also about exploring new ways of understanding and representing human resilience, sparking transformation through sharing and interaction, and opening important dialogues about our shared experience as human beings, going through and growing through trial and adversity.




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