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Purpose begins at the source and reveals itself to its own reflection.


"Scènes de Vie" is a masterpiece that follows the paths of a triptych to depict the stages of human life. It reflects our universal journey through three phases of life: childhood, adult life as a soldier, and wise old age.

"The Childhood" overflows with the carefree and dynamic energy of youth. The painting delicately captures the exploration of the first steps into a vast and unknown world, with wide-eyed curiosity and touching innocence.

"The Soldier" symbolizes the transition to maturity. Through the image of a soldier, the artist evokes a moment in life where one fights for their convictions, carries responsibilities, and makes sacrifices.

"The Sage" represents the passage of time and the acquisition of wisdom. The exuberance of youth and the struggles of adulthood have given way to tranquility, reflection, and the transmission of knowledge to subsequent generations.

"Scènes de Vie" is an invitation to travel through the stages of life, to appreciate each moment, and to grasp the beauty of our own journey. It is a tribute to life, its constant evolution, and our ability to adapt to each stage.



Art is the shortest way from man to man.

André Malraux

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